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Founded in 1965, Renton Sailing Center, a non-profit organization, promotes the sport of sailing through classes, races, and recreational sailing at Gene Coulon Park at the south end of Lake Washington. Sailing classes begin in May and continue through the end of September. Recreational sailing, repairs, and maintenance clinics are conducted year round.

Our Mission Statement: Promote the sport of sailing in the community through classes, races, clinics and recreational sailing.

Vision: Provide safe, accessible sailing for everyone in our community.

The RSC membership year starts in April.

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RSC News - Summer 2021

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Open Sailing

We have had a huge surge in interest in Sailing. Our membership is up 50% over pre-pandemic levels and we are commonly seeing our entire fleet being utilized during open sailing. Here are a couple tips to make your experience awesome for you and the volunteer Dockmaster.

RSVP to the dockmaster so they know who's coming. Indicate anything you want to work on. This will help the Dockmaster prioritize boat assignments to best utilize our resources.

Be ready to rig and unrig your boat. Open Sailing is designed to be an unrushed environment with no deadline to get out on the water like a race and the Dockmaster will be there to assist and guide you. It will be helpful to read the rigging guides and watch videos before rigging up for your first time they are at

Bring your Skills Advancement Signoff Forms for any skills you want to work on or demonstrate for sign off. Many dockmasters work with lots of sailors and may not remember later that you performed a skill. Most of the required skills are well described in the US Sailing Learn Sailing Right Small Boat series of books and on Sail A Boat TV's YouTube channel.

Remember that Dockmaster are constantly prioritizing these things:

o Safety of our Members

o Coaching and helping our newest members have a great experience

o Assisting and guiding with rigging/unrigging

o helping with getting boat underway and returning.

o Skill Demonstrations and sign off

o Answering questions from the public.

Intermediate members or Beginner members that just need volunteer hours or like helping others discover the joy of sailing are great folks to help as Assistant Dockmasters by keeping a lookout for Safety, assisting new members with rigging/unrigging, helping boats get underway and returning, answering questions from the public, helping lock up and tie up, and more!

Private lessons: to provide members and people from the general public a chance to learn sailing in a safe and small environment, we have begun to offer private lessons. These lessons are $125 per hour for small boats, and $150 per hour for keel boats, and are scheduled at a mutually agreeable day and time. The lessons can be for general skill building or to meet certification requirements. Please contact for more information. Any new student should provide a completed float test form.

Updated COVID 19 Guidelines

Members and Guests who are fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear a mask at the dock but may elect to wear a mask if they wish. Individuals who are not fully vaccinated are required to continue wearing a mask on the dock.

Only having two crews on the dock at a time was difficult to comply with. We do need to continue providing adequate physical distancing. Please continue to rig as efficiently as possible and get underway to provide space for other crews to do the same. If the dock is crowded up returning, enjoy another lap or two while other crews unrig and depart. Upon returning to the dock during busy sailing times furl the jib, douse the main, raise the centerboard, and take off the rudder, then pull the boat at the furthest spot. This will allow others to come alongside the dock.

We will again offer Lifejackets for members and guest to use at the dock. Members are encouraged to purchase their own lifejacket. Fisheries Supply offers RSC members a discount by setting up an account at Check your member welcome email for the code.

State COVID Guidelines do not allow for unvaccinated individuals to be in close proximity to others unmasked, indoors our outdoors. For now, sailing dinghy's may continue to be sailed singlehanded, as a household crew, or as a crew of fully vaccinated individuals.

Notice to Members: We'd like to ask for donations to buy a new spinnaker for the Catalina 27. Please click the donate button above if you'd like to donate.

Renton Sailing Center is a US Sailing Community Sailing Center and an accredited US Sailing Basic Keelboat School. For membership information, please visit our membership page.