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Founded in 1965, Renton Sailing Center, a non-profit organization, promotes the sport of sailing through classes, races, and recreational sailing at Gene Coulon Park at the south end of Lake Washington. Sailing classes begin in May and continue through the end of September. Recreational sailing, repairs, and maintenance clinics are conducted year round.

Our Mission Statement: Promote the sport of sailing in the community through classes, races, clinics and recreational sailing.

Vision: Provide safe, accessible sailing for everyone in our community.

The RSC membership year starts in April.

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RSC News - Winter 2021/2022

Latest Newsletter: please see our latest Newsletter here.

Our meetings are on the 4th Wednesday of the month, and they start at 7:00 p.m . Check your email for a Zoom link. However, for November and December, there will be one combined meeting on December 15th at 7 p.m.

Annual Member Meeting January 26

Join us for our Annual Member Meeting, Wednesday, January 26 at 7:00 p.m.. This one will be on Zoom. We hope to get back to our usual potluck gathering in the future. This is your 30 day notice of the Annual Member Meeting.

  • Year in Review: We'll take a look back at the many successes Renton Sailing had in 2021

  • Bylaw Change: Your Board of Directors recently passed a Code of Conduct for all members at Renton Sailing Center which made part of the bylaws outdated. Here is a lined though copy of the Bylaws.

  • Elections. In even years we elect a Vice President, Treasurer, and Member at Large Position #2 and the Board appoints a Maintenance officer to two year terms. Members may nominate themselves or another member for one of these positions. Nominations are accepted anytime up to the election. Please reach out to Beth Frisken our Nominations Committee Chair with nominations or any Board Member questions. Updated Position Descriptions are linked here.

Fees Go Up April 1, 2022

Renton Sailing Centers leadership follows its mission to provide fun safe sailing on a great fleet of boats while keeping the barrier to entry to a minimum for our community. Just like everything else, boats, parts supplies, and our lease continue to go up in cost.

For the renewal for the period of April 1, 2022 to March 30, 2023

Household Annual Membership will go from $250 to $275

Annual Keelboat Skipper fee will go from $155 to $175

The Youth Rate and discounts will remain as they are. 2022

Private lessons: to provide members and people from the general public a chance to learn sailing in a safe and small environment, we have begun to offer private lessons. These lessons are $125 per hour for small boats, and $150 per hour for keel boats, and are scheduled at a mutually agreeable day and time. The lessons can be for general skill building or to meet certification requirements. Please contact for more information. Any new student should provide a completed float test form.

COVID-19 Vaccine Required beginning April 1, 2022

At the October Board Retreat your Board of Directors unanimously approved a requirement that all members, guests, and participants at Renton Sailing Center must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or provide a negative COVID-19 Test within 72 hours prior to any event of the Sailing Center. This requirement begins April 1, 2022 This will probably generate a lot of questions. Here is a Question and Answer. If you have additional questions please address them to, the board will consider them as it relates to this and add them to the FAQ.

Q: Can I takes my kids sailing? They are too young for the vaccine.

A: Yes, children of members or guests that are too young to be eligible for a COVID vaccine may sail as a household with their parent/guardian. They will be expected to wear a mask while they are on the dock or at some other event where they are in contact with other members unless they are so young the CDC does not recommend them wearing a mask. It is anticipated that a COVID vaccine will be approved for youth age 5-11 in November, 2021.

Q: What type of Covid test is acceptable?

A: Test administered by a health care professional and certified by a lab such as a PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) or NAT (Nucleic acid test) are acceptable. At-home self tests will not be accepted.

Q: Why is Renton Sailing Center doing this?

A: The safety of our members is our #1 priority. We had many Instructors, Dockmasters, and event volunteers hesitant to serve because of their health concerns with contracting COVID-19 or passing it on to a family member. This policy greatly helps but doesn't eliminate these concerns.

Q: Will Renton Sailing Center accept medical or religious exemptions?

A: No, but you can provide a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to an event and participate.

Q: How about Meetings?

A: This applies to all in person meetings of Renton Sailing Center. There will be no vaccine requirement for any video-conference meetings.

Q: How is Renton Sailing Center going to keep track of this?

A: This will most likely evolve. Today showing proof of COVID-19 Vaccination is sharing your CDC Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card or a photo of it or using the app. The plan now is to have a place to upload your Vaccination Record Card as you renew your membership. This will then appear on the Dockmaster Report that Dockmasters, Race Committee, and event organizers can consult prior to events.

Q: How is Renton Sailing Center going to implement this? Sounds challenging.

A: Yes, this is an additional duty for our great volunteer leaders. Please do your part and get your status updated as you renew your membership so it's on the Dockmaster Report prior to your attendance. We are going to continue the culture of RSVPs for all events so we can take care of details verification prior to showing up. Instructors will add this to the pre-class paperwork like float tests. It will be like checking your advancement and membership status for Open Sailing or Skill Building through Racing.

Q How About HIPAA? I don't want my vaccination status shared.

A: We are not a medical care provider so HIPAA doesn't apply to Renton Sailing Center. Your vaccination status will be shared with those members with a business need to know it like dockmasters, instructors, race committee and event organizers.

Q: I have a medical condition and therefore can't get the COVID-19 Vaccine, How can I continue to sail with Renton Sailing Center?

A: You may provide proof of a negative covid test taken within 72 hours prior to an event. Advanced members may use the fleet and sail outside of Renton Sailing Center events. A community sailing center may not meet the needs of every sailor.

Q Will Renton Sailing Center continue to offer single-handed sailing at Skill Building through Racing?

A: In most cases, no. Skill Building through Racing is a Skill enhancement program. Participants are either teaching or learning. The program is so popular that seats in boats are often oversubscribed. In this case it makes no sense to offer single-handed sailing with our current fleet.

Q: I'm fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and trying to minimize my potential contact with the virus. What if I don't want to be partnered up with a Skipper or Crew who only has a negative COVID test 72 hours prior to the event?

A: Volunteers of Renton Sailing Center will do their best to partner up individual crews. It may be possible to have unvaccinated members with a negative test sail with other unvaccinated members or as a household crew. Ultimately, individuals can make the decision to sail or not based on the conditions, crew and boat.

Q: Do I need to continue wearing a mask?

A: King County guidance on masks states that for open outdoor spaces where 6 foot distance from others can be maintained masks are not required. However for outdoor spaces where six foot distance cannot be maintained such as most events on our float, crewed dinghy sailing or on a crowded keelboat, masks are recommended for vaccinated individuals and required for unvaccinated individuals.

Renton Sailing Center is a US Sailing Community Sailing Center and an accredited US Sailing Basic Keelboat School. For membership information, please visit our membership page.