Membership FAQ

Q: Who can join? 

A: Membership is open to the general public.

Q: What is a membership year? 

A: From April 1st to March 31st next year. All memberships expire March 31st.

Q: How much is the membership fee? 

A: Our fees are follows.  There is a senior discount of 10%. 

     Family membership $275

     Keelboat Fee $165

     Kids $65

     Limited Membership $65

Q: I just took my sailing classes in August and want to join the Center to sail more. But it’s already close to the end of season. Do I get any discount for the membership fee? 

A: If you join after September 1st there is a significant discount off the full membership cost. Membership costs are detailed on the Membership Application. 

Q: How can I join Renton Sailing Center? 

A: Please click "join now" at the top of this page.   

Please note we need the completed application along with payment before you will be eligible to sail for the year. Once the secretary has recorded your completed application and payment, you and family members that have signed the application will be added to the list sent to the dockmasters. Then you are welcome to come out sailing!

Q: Can I bring guests other than my family members to sail?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: What else do I get with the membership?

A: In addition to all the sailing and other community activities you'll get a new Google account, login credentials, a Gmail inbox with <you> email address, and full access to Google's G-Suite of applications. Center communications are sent to your new email address.

Q: How do I access emails sent to me at my account?

A: You can use your new Gmail account as a separate and fully functional email account. Some members prefer to forward their emails to a different inbox. You'll find forwarding instructions on the Center Email and Forwarding page.

Skills Advancement

Q: How can I qualify for the intermediate or advanced skills rating? How are the skills of experienced sailors who have not participated in classes assessed? 

A: All new sailing center members are beginners by definition. The only way to become intermediate and then advanced sailor is to demonstrate proficiency in accomplishing all of the skills tests. The skills test needs to be signed off by a Dock Master or Instructor. Copies of the skills tests can be found here. RSC classes are not required.

Q: How do I get a rating? 

A: All new members who intend to sail center boats must pass a series of practical tests to demonstrate that they have the requisite knowledge and ability to operate the boats safely in a variety of conditions. This is to ensure that the members who take a boat out without supervision will be able to exercise good judgment and be able to self-rescue in the event of a capsize. The primary consideration is safety first. The tests are designed to establish a standard level of performance that is consistently applied to all members.

Q: I have been sailing for years. Do I still have to take all the tests? 

A: Essentially, yes. You must pass the practical exam and demonstrate your ability to handle a 14-15 sloop rigged dinghy. If your experience has been largely keel boats, you will find that sailing an dingy, although theoretically the same, requires more attention to things like the balance of the boat, shifting your weight properly, etc. You must demonstrate the requisite skills to the satisfaction of the examiner. The practical tests are designed so that you can pass them in stages, or, conditions permitting, all at once.

Q: How do you track service hours?

A: Each person gets them signed off and initialed as they do the service work on their checklist by the person who is responsible for the work project.

Q: How can I get more involved with Renton Sailing Center? 

A: Come to a monthly meeting posted on the Center web site, volunteer your time and expertise to the Center, and join your fellow sailors at our social events!