Pacific Outdoor Club Sino Sailing

Pacific Outdoor Club Sino Sailing是一个致力于服务日益增多的亚裔帆船爱好者的组织。目前,POC Sino Sailing与Renton Sailing Center合作给更多的帆船爱好者提供接触帆船、体验帆船、爱上帆船的机会。POC Sino Sailing始于2022年,现在它由Pacific Outdoor Club (POC)运营*。 目前亚裔会员人数24人,其中高级会员4人,中级会员5人。

POC Sino Sailing is an organization dedicated to serving the growing population of Asian sailing enthusiasts. Currently, POC Sino Sailing collaborates with Renton Sailing Center to offer more opportunities to sailing enthusiasts to get in touch with, experience, and fall in love with sailing. POC Sino Sailing was established in 2022 and is now operated by Pacific Outdoor Club (POC).

Currently, it has 24 members including 4 advanced and 5 intermediate level members.

*POC同时运营POC Sino Ski滑雪学校项目

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