POC SinoSailing Sailing Experience Event 2022


2022年7月31日,POC Sino Sailing举办了第一次帆船体验活动。很多从未玩过帆船的华裔家庭报名参加了本次的帆船体验。体验者带着惊喜和好奇跟船长一起登上帆船游览美丽的华盛顿湖,在帆船上欣赏夏日的雷尼尔雪山。小船在湖面上顺风飘荡,家人在帆船上喜笑颜开。很多人通过第一次接触帆船,开始了解帆船,爱上帆船。

July 31, 2022, POC Sino Sailing held its first sailing experience. Many Asian families who never sail before, signed up for this sailing experience. With surprise and curiosity, the participants joined the captain aboard a sailboat to cruise the beautiful Lake Washington and admire the summer views of Mount Rainier from the sailboat. The small boat glided smoothly on the lake, and families onboard shared laughter and joy. For many, this initial encounter with sailing marked the beginning of their understanding and love for this exhilarating activity.

2022年帆船体验活动视频(video for 2022 sailing activity)

POC SinoSailing Sailing Experience Event 2023


2023年6月25日和8月19日,POC Sino Sailing 举办了2次青少年帆船体验活动。此活动专门针对12-16岁的青少年,为他们提供一个了解帆船的机会,有48名青少年参加了此次活动。活动的舵手也以青少年为主,同龄人在一起分享帆船了知识,体会帆船的乐趣。活动中,我们的年轻舵手详细的讲解了帆船的

On June 25 and August 19, 2023, POC Sino Sailing organized two youth sailing experience activities. These events were specifically designed for teenagers to give them an opportunity to learn about sailing, with 48 teenagers participating. The helmsmen for the activities were also teenagers, allowing peers to share knowledge and enjoy the fun of sailing together. During the event, our young helmsmen explained in detail the structure of sailboats, how to utilize wind power, and basic sailing skills like using knots correctly. Participants were involved in assembling and disassembling sailboats under volunteer guidance and tried various knot applications on sailboats. They also experienced the joy of personally steering a sailboat across the lake.

2023年帆船体验活动视频(video for 2023 sailing activity)

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