Racing / Skill Building

Spring / Summer Tuesday Night Racing Series

All members are welcome to participate

ISAF 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing

Although it has traditionally been known as “Racing”, I have added “Skill Building”. For one, we do not have any prizes for the winners. For another, to my knowledge, no one has been keel-hauled for poor performance.

I started participating in Tuesday nights several years go while I was taking lessons. What I have realized is how much I have learned about sailing:

    • Learn from other sailors – we have some real champs in the club
    • Learn by trial and error
    • How can I get this boat to move with just a breath of wind?
    • Will I have to paddle back in?
    • Where is that wind coming from?
    • Is that a puff up ahead?
    • How can we make a smooth tack?
    • Does my body position really make a difference?

We generally try to pair experienced sailors with new sailors. If you are new you can just handle jib sheets the whole night or get a chance at the tiller when someone experienced thinks you are ready.

Students in the RSC classes are invited to participate on Tuesday nights for up to 3 weeks after their classes. So I encourage all members and students to come out on Tuesday nights. In addition to skill building, there is fun and fellowship.

Typical schedule:

    • Start rigging boats around 5 PM. Join in when you are able.
    • Boats on the water (and gate locked) at 6 PM.
    • Return to dock about 7:30 – 8:00 depending on light.

Everyone is expected to help rig and de-rig the boats. We also encourage assistance in setting the course and running the races. Actually, quite a bit can be learned from watching the different boats maneuvering around the course.

We will sail every Tuesday night through the Summer to the end of August. On occasion we have canceled sailing nights, usually due to challenging weather conditions, especially early in the season. Last year in June we had one cancellation because of high winds and stormy conditions.

Hope to see you out there.

Ed Buffalow

Racing / Skill Building Committee Chairman

General notes

Racing Instructions - Tuesday night racing series.

Racing Review Notes - When boats meet; right-of-way rules.

Race Starts - Reach the start line on time, with good speed, good position on the line, having clear air.

Clinic notes

Start Signals and Strategies - Apr 24, 2018

Racing Clinic - May 16, 2009