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Skill Building Through Racing – 2021 Summer Regatta Series 1

      1. The Renton Sailing Center Skill Building Racing Spring Regatta begins Tuesday, April 20 and continues each Tuesday.

      2. Boats shall be sailed singled-handed, single household or two vaccinated sailors.

      3. Bring your own mask, laundered sailing gloves, and hand sanitizer and pen.

      4. PFDs (life vests) are not available at the dock. Bring your own PFD or contact Beth at to arrange delivery of a PFD for the season.

      5. Number of sailors will be limited by the number of boats we have, according to the makeup of the crews outlined in point 2.

      6. To participate, email an RSVP to :

      7. Rigging of boats will be staggered - 2 crews at a time beginning at 5 PM.

      8. RC will schedule rigging and check rigging before boats leave dock.

      9. Currently racing will be until 8 PM then the RC will direct de-rigging, 2 crews at a time.

      10. RSC Covid-19 Safety Precautions Plan are made part of the Racing Documents as well as Safe Start King County Documents.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this second season with COVID 19 restrictions. We will adjust and expand the sailing opportunities as the County Phasing and Safety Measures allow us.

Ed Buffalow and Chris Volk

Skill Building Through Racing Committee

Links & Current Info

Notice of Race - Rules for our Tuesday night racing series.

Sailing Instructions - Information on how to participate.

RSC Covid-19 Safety Precautions Plan

Safe Start King County

Racing Rules of Sailing - RRS 2021-2024

Please note: These are the World Rules without the US Prescriptions (which I do not think have much effect on our ‘Skill Building Through Racing’)

A current copy of the RRS 2021-2024 with US Prescriptions can be found at either by joining US Sailing or purchasing a copy of the RRS.