In May of 2017 we introduced a mentorship program to facilitate the learning process of new sailors in the Center. The focus is to provide opportunities for new members to develop their confidence and skills with sailing our fleet of small boats.

Advanced members are invited to volunteer as mentors. If you are interested please email Membership Support.

Q: How do I connect with a mentor to schedule sailing time?

A: Send an email to One of our volunteer mentors will then contact you to coordinate a convenient time to get out sailing.

Q: Am I limited to days when a Dockmaster is at the dock to schedule with a mentor?

A: No, If the mentor has Advanced rating, you can meet at any time that works for you both. If the mentor is Intermediate, then you would need to have a Dockmaster present.

Q: Do I have to sail with the same mentor each time?

A: No, you can sail with any mentor that is available and even work with multiple mentors.

Q: Can the mentor check me off on my skills checklist?

A: Mentors who are also RSC Dockmasters or Instructors are approved to evaluate and sign off on skills, but other mentors are not.

Q: If I am an Intermediate sailor, can I ask to sail with a mentor too?

A: Yes, absolutely! We all can benefit from sailing with more advanced sailors and can improve our skills.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Membership Support.