Open Sailing

Open Sailing Policy

Providing a safe environment where sailors may practice and enhance their sailing skills is integral to the goals and purpose of the Renton Sailing Center. To accomplish this, during designated periods the center’s dock will be “open” with sailboats available for use by center members. These periods will be supervised by an Advanced level sailor identified as the Dock Master (DM). The DM is responsible for all sailing activities with Safety as the primary goal. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring beginner level sailors limit their sailing within the logboom. Intermediate level sailors may sail within the following area: east and south of the southerly tip of Mercer Island. All sailors must always be visible to the DM.
  • Ensure that personal floatation devices (PFDs) are worn by all sailors on the dock and in the boats.
  • Ensure that the boats are correctly rigged before departing the dock.
  • Continually monitor the location and status of all center boats.
  • Have the Rescue boat ready for use before sailboats depart the dock.
  • Provide individualized sailing instruction as time permits. Also certify the successful completion of the various skills on the Intermediate and Advanced tests for members.
  • Serve as a representative of the Renton Sailing Center to the general public.

Visit the Resources page for downloading the Safety Action / Response Plan and more.

Dock Master Scheduling And Availability

Dock Masters will be listed on the center website Calendar with the hours they will be available for open sailing. As a courtesy to the DM, center members wishing to sail during a specific open sailing period should make their intentions known to the DM. Contact the DM via the email contact list on the website or responding on the Calendar as early as feasible. The scheduled DM will lock the dock and leave if no center members arrive within the first hour of the scheduled open sailing period during Summer months of May through Sept.

Winter Policy

During the months of October through April, members must contact the assigned Dock Master at least 24 hours prior to arrange sailing. If no members contact the Dock Master, the dock will be closed for the day.


View the Dockmaster Policy here – Document

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